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Kelli Horsemanship + Training with Trail Obstacles


Do you want a broke, confident, and willing horse who is your partner? A horse you enjoy and have fun with?

We all do.

The bigger question is “How do you get there?”

build trail obstacles

You want results with your horse.

Kelli Horsemanship
  • Do you struggle with knowing what to practice?
  • Have you been to lots of clinics and still don’t get it?
  • Did you send your horse to a trainer? Then got home and your horse reverted back to his old habits again or you still don’t know what to do?
  • Do you want to train your own horse?
  • Are you a young trainer who wants to learn a system?

You can get results.

To get results…You need to learn the Foundation.

I teach the foundation in a program called Training with Trail Obstacles.

When we learn the foundation and apply it to trail obstacles everything begins to make sense to the horse and the rider!

Build the Foundation and all the pieces begin to come together! This is where the Dance happens. Your horses feet become your feet.

Mustang Trail Obstacles Kelli Paulson Clinic Horse Trainer

Learn the Foundation.
Love the Results!


Years Experience
Teaching & Training


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Clinics &
Trail Rider Challenges

and… over 60 pairs of blue jeans!

Training with Trail Obstacles works for any breed and any disclipine of horse.

Once the Foundation is right, anything is possible.

50 exercises bridge trail obstacle

Do you need practice ideas?

Start Here!
50 Exercises You Can Do with your Horse and a Simple Bridge.
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Why Kelli Horsemanship
+ Training with Trail Obstacles?

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