The Core of Horsemanship

Develop your horsemanship while learning about the connection between horses and your faith. Experience the deeper parts of horsemanship.

Learning timing, feel, confidence, and how to direct the feet take you to a new level. These deeper parts of horsemanship are life changing! 

Your horse will learn to be willing, confident, responsive, and directable. 

Trail obstacles amplify the process of directing the feet and gaining confidence, as they give us a tool to measure our success — but, there is one more piece to the puzzle! Horsemanship has a spiritual aspect. God can teach us so much through horses.

The ties between horses and riders, and God and people, are evident. Our relationships are similar. God wants us to be trusting, willing, obedient, and responsive. Like our horses, He wants our feet and hearts to be directable!

Develop your faith and learn more about your love for Jesus. It is very similar to what we ask of our horse when using trail obstacles. 

This is The Core of Horsemanship.

Faith Based Horsemanship Retreats & Clinics

June 11-12: Hooking on to God + Round Pen Exercises you can use.


July 16-17:Be the Leader Your Horse Wants to Follow


These retreats will be held virtually. In-person tickets are also available.

Friday evening we will have an opening session from 7:00 – 8:30pm CST.

Saturday our am session is 10:30 am – Noon then our afternoon session is 1:00 to 2:30.


Each retreat is $27.00

Watch from home and  join in our community discussions if you like.