Are you a Trail Obstacle Enthusiast?
Are you looking for a new idea?

Build a Pedestal!

horse trail obstacle pedestal building plan

You will love the Pedestal Building plan!

The Pedestal Building Plan contains detailed plans to build:

  1. A 18″ x 32″ Pedestal
  2. A 23.5″ x 42″ Pedestal

The plan includes a materials list, a cut list, and building instructions with detailed photos.

I even tell you the secret to pedestal building so you can build a pedestal in whatever size you desire!

The booklet is 10 pages.

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At the heart of trail obstacle building for horses is the “Simple Set of Trail Obstacles” from  “How to Build Simple Trail Obstacles”.

“Simple” means the item can be easily purchased or constructed with basic tools (hammer, drill, skill saw) and basic construction skills. These obstacles are easily portable and great for your own yard or barn. Plus, you can enjoy them with your riding friends.

Once you can build a solid, safe, “Simple Set of Trail Obstacles”, additions like this Pedestal Building Plan, are a fun way to change up your trail obstacles and add to the level of difficulty.

The goal of this booklet is to help you build fun and challenging obstacles for your own trail course. 

I hope you enjoy it!

Kelli Paulson

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