We all have dreams of what things should be like with our horse. That perfect picture. We google and watch videos. We learn stuff, but, we don’t get the results we want.
  • Is your horse “forever green”?
  • Are you constantly problem solving?
  • Have you been going through a lot of horses to find the “right one”?
  • You like your horse but…it’s spooky, dull or not responsive?

Maybe you are just unsure how to cue your horse.

Then there is fear and lack of confidence…

Would you like to change this once and for all

and turn your dreams into reality?


The Trail Obstacle Project teaches you and your horse the fundamentals of trail obstacles….

  • Sending & Crossing Various Obstacles
  • Sidepassing
  • Backing
  • Moving the Hindquarters & Forehand
  • Clear Cues & Responsiveness
  • Confidence & Leadership

Virtual Clinics
+ Membership

  • This is a progress oriented group.

Each month: 

Week 1: Virtual Mini-Clinic. ($47 value)

  • You can watch me demonstrate and work through a concept with a horse. I will show you how to do the concept, and ideas for practicing and applying the skill.
  • You will receive a Practice Plan PDF with exercise details and a check list that you can take to the barn.
  • Access to video replay of the clinic

Week 2: Trail Obstacle Exercises to improve your skills. ($17 value)

Week 3: Group Q & A Call ($27 Value)

Week 4: A Fun Extra! ($27 Value)

  • Examples: A guest speaker, Behind the Scenes with Kelli, Trail Obstacles Ideas, Virtual Campfire Chats, and more.

Week 5: This is your week to catch up pn anything you missed.

BONUS: Facebook Community where you can ask questions! You can even upload videos!

  • A private Facebook group where you can ask questions, post videos, and get feedback!
This is designed to give you and your horse a solid foundation!



Sign up today for only $17 a month.

This group is NOT a bunch of videos in a library.
This is a path of action with a CLEAR ROADMAP for progress.


Would you like to be a part of our Mini-Clinics?

For a limited time, founding members can join until May 1, 2023 for $17 a month.

Don’t stress, you can cancel at any time.

You will keep this price as long as you are a member. The price will go up to after this date.