Using Trail Obstacles

Use Simple Trail Obstacles to improve your horsemanship & help you know what to practice!


I made two booklets you will love!



1. Using Trail Obstacles – 10 Trail Obstacle Sequences 
Practice skills in a series of progressive exercises (sequences) so you can quickly see progress and have fun. 
Sequence Topics: Sending, Straight Lines, Transitions, Bridges, Side Passing, Moving the Forehand and Hindquarters, Backing, Energy Up – Energy Down, Gates, Combine Maneuver Skills


2. Using Trail Obstacles – 10 Trail Obstacle Courses
A collection of different types of trail obstacles courses. Included are courses from Trail Rider Challenges, Virtual Trail Rider Challenges, 4-h or local Horse Shows and a few fun courses. Levels vary from Basic walk/trot to Trail Rider walk/trot/lope. Add speed and they become Extreme.
use trail obstacles booklets


EBOOKS: In color, instant download. Each booklet is a PDF you can save to your device, add to your reader or print and take to the barn.
$9 each or both for $17.


10 Sequences will give you ideas for 20 or more practice sessions if you complete all the exercises. 
If you struggle with gates, the gate exercise alone is worth a $50 lesson. 🙂
And if you are looking for course ideas…here you go!
The booklets are new and are listed at a very affordable price. I would love to herar your feedback about them!