Virtual Riding Lessons & Horsemanship Coaching

A 30-minute session via Zoom with Kelli is regularly $47.00
Currently, sessions are 30% off!
Each session booked NOW is only $28.00
This offer is available until Thursday, Dec. 1, 2022

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  • Do you wonder what your next step with your horse should be? 
  • What should you practice to make the most progress?
  • Would you like more in-depth feedback from your VTRC ride?

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How does work?

  1. Click the button below.
  2. Pick a time & date, pay for the session.
  3. A confirmation and Zoom link will be emailed to you from BookM.  Save this!
  4. BEFORE your session, upload a video of you and your horse showing what you want help with.  A VTRC video also works well. (If it is already uploaded, just send the link.)
  5. Email the link to:
  6. Then we will meet via Zoom on the date you signed up for! I recommend having one specific question for your class. We may talk about several things, but this gives us focus.
  7. During the session we will view your video, you can ask questions and you will leave with a PRACTICE PLAN to make progress with your horse!