Thank You for entering Virtual Trail Rider Challenge #6!

This is going to be so much fun!


After you paid, a window opened. This is where you download your entry packet.

If you missed it, don’t panic. 

You will receive three emails. 

  1. A receipt from SendOwl with a link to your entry packet. You can use this link to access your entry packet. The software allows for 5 downloads. Please save your packet to your phone, tablet and/or computer. You may print your patterns. Patterns are copyrighted and are for your personal use.
  2. A receipt for your purchase from SendOwl.
  3. A link to the Google Form you filled out. If you need to make a change, you can change your form anytime until October 26th.
  4. An email from myself from: . 



Why do you ask?

This isn’t just a challenge, it is also a learning opportunity and a great way to meet others riders with similar interest from all over the country and world.

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing tips, obstacle how-to’s, videos, exercises and more in the group.

You can also ask questions in the group.

So…just do it…join the group…now…before you forget!


I will also communicate by sending emails during the challenge. 

Emails will come from or

If you need to reach me …

All official communications such as entry questions, changes, entry submissions, etc go to: I check this email every morning.

Questions about courses, judging, patterns etc can be asked in the FaceBook Group. I check in on the Facebook Group each afternoon.


I am so glad you are here!

We are going to have a blast!